DCJS #11-5593

Atkinson Investigations
a Mediaid of America Inc. Company

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Are you interested in working in Private Investigation, or do you already have your Private Investigators License with DCJS, but do not currently work for an agency?  Are you tired of waiting for the work to come to you? 

Many individuals go through the training, but do not have the resources for all the cost associated with running a Private Investigation Business such as the Business License, Insurance, Office, Advertising, etc.

Let us help you get on the right path..........

Here's how it works:

1. Get your DCJS License if you do not already have one. (Complete approved training, and submit registration).

2. Contact us to express your interest in working in Private Investigation in Virginia, and to learn more about this     opportunity.

3. Hire on with our agency, working under our DCJS Business License.  (Work with our insurance, office support,      billing support, forms, etc.)

4. Get your clients and get to work!!

**Make $25.00/hr. for your own case load, or $15.00/hr. for cases you accept from us in your area.

**This is an opportunity for you to work for a licensed agency, but to have the freedom to find and accept clients and make your own income stream working from home or mobile office.  Billing and report preparation will be finalized at our offices, so that you have time to keep working cases. 

Equipment Needed:

1. Digital Camera/Video (with date and time stamp) (mini DVD+/-R preferred).

2. Laptop with Windows, mobile data connection (WIFI, or Cell phone data), Microsoft Word & Excel.

3. Smartphone with data connection & GPS

4. Reliable and discreet vehicle suitable for surveillance.

Personal Requirements: 

1. Must be a hard worker, Professional, and able to speak and communicate well with others in person, on phone,      as well as e-mail/text.

2. Must be dependable and follow through on commitments.

3. Must be able to work under minimal supervision for long periods of time**

4. Must be willing to submit to a complete background investigation and work with our Compliance Agent to       ensure standards set are met.

**Keep in mind you will be representing yourself and our Company. 

If your interested and would like more information on this opportunity please send a message through our contact page stating your interest.  Please include a phone number along with your e-mail address and area in Virginia you are interested in working.